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Cole Marshall

Web Designer & Developer

Madison, WI


I am a seasoned Web Designer and Developer with over twenty years of experience, blending artistic creativity with technical proficiency. With a degree in Interactive Media from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, my expertise encompasses design, frontend development, backend development, and cloud DevOps, utilizing a wide array of the latest technologies and design tools.


Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Devenir Group, LLC

I build and manage robust and scalable fintech web services and products, automate key processes, and design branding and marketing material. My technical work spans frontend and backend development to cloud DevOps, and includes architecting the company's modern flagship API offerings.


    MusicMaster, Inc.

    As a full stack developer, I was responsible for the design, frontend development, backend development, web server operations, and third-party API integration into the company's web-based tools. Additionally I contributed to the development of the online capabilities of the company's products, designed marketing material, and automated time-consuming tasks for support and sales staff.

    • (Sangus) Designed and developed an extensive, custom eCommerce system with PhaseWare/Salesforce/Zoho/PayPal/ integration, customer accounts, subscription management, contracts, invoices, and wide-ranging discount options among many other features
    • (Osiris) Developed an online licensing system to determine legitimate access to the company's flagship software by its clients, which stays up-to-date in real time with integration into the company's customer resource management and accounting systems
    • Designed the graphics for MusicMaster's massive 20' x 40' exhibit for the yearly NAB Show in Las Vegas
    • (Munin) Created a RESTful API for Odin, a web-based administration system I created for company-wide use, using Slim that accepts and returns JSON or XML as needed, uses HTTP authentication, and includes extensive Markdown documentation
    • (Asgard and Vanaheim) Managed two cloud-based Apache web servers, with load balancers, and a cloud-based MySQL database, which run the majority of the company's online assets, including the web sites and software API. The servers were maintained as PCI compliant, secure enough to store sensitive financial information
    • (Nimrod) Created a robust localization system with a reactive, easy-to-use administration that supports all UTF-8 languages, multiple software and web products, XML/CSV import/export of localization data
    • Search Engine Optimization: Optimized the MusicMaster website so that it appears as number one on Google for the company's primary keywords "music scheduling" and "music scheduling software"
    • (Serapis) Created an automated system to gather various report metrics data from Salesforce for review, with historical data presented using Google Charts
    • (Tyr) Developed an OData interface from scratch using PHP and Slim that allows Salesforce to integrate external data using Salesforce Connect
    • (Panacea) Created a custom, Salesforce-integrated support center with live chat support, complete with the ability to submit new cases, review old cases, comment on currently open cases, and read knowledge base articles
    • (Minerva) Created a PHP wrapper for universal use of frontend graphing charts, with Google Charts, and backend graphing charts, with JpGraph
    • Integrated a large, complex, and constantly-changing database of industry contacts, companies, and assets into Salesforce and Zoho
    • (Ossa) Integrated the Facebook API into MusicMaster's website
    • Integrated the currencylayer API into MusicMaster's web store using the Guzzle REST client
    • (Seshat) Integrated the Google Drive API to parse and display frequently-updated spreadsheet data in a reader-friendly manner
    • (Moneta) Integrated the Dropbox API to allow for the transfer of daily site backups to a company folder in the cloud
    • (Hugin) Created a PHP SDK to accompany the Odin API for use throughout the site
    • Integrated the Constant Contact API into MusicMaster's website to allow the syncing subscriber information between Constant Contact and Salesforce
    • (Apophis) Created a form-flooding detection system to record contact form activity and ban users who abuse contact forms by repeatedly submitting spam within a short window of time
    • Integrated the Disqus API into MusicMaster's website to allow for comments on web content
    • Designed a poster and three web ads for MusicMaster's officially sanctioned Country Radio Seminar party
    • Designed and developed an HTML5 station player widget, accompanied by a widget creation page, allowing MusicMaster clients to create and customize a widget for their websites that streams their station's audio to their web listeners
    • Developed and contributed to the design of a landing page for MusicMaster's Top Secrets web campaign, which allows users to "collect" secrets about the software
    • Designed and developed a landing page for MusicMaster's Raving Fan web campaign
    • (Locus) Developed a detailed client station database accompanied by a responsive station player skeuomorph frontend that looks and works much like a car stereo
    • Developed a PHP SDK for use with the PhaseWare Tracker API
    • Designed a flexible ad for MusicMaster's Don't Click Here web ad campaign with over 100 ads in different resolutions and numerous taglines
    • Designed a flexible logo for different versions of MusicMaster Scheduling (Client-Server Edition, Personal Edition, Professional Edition, Limited Edition, etc.)
    • (Nodens) Created an ad code tracking system, which records detailed information about users that visit the MusicMaster site with certain strings contained within the URL, sends users to a specific page on the site in a specific language if necessary, and tallies hits and visits for each code. Administrators can view a sortable list of hits and visits, view the cost-per-click analysis on individual ads, and view chart visualizations of ad campaign effectiveness.
    • (Terminus) Created a survey system which takes the results of surveys and displays them and their details to administrators with chart visualizations
    • Created MusicMaster's 30th Anniversary logo, which appeared on banners, shirts, plaques, and even packets of fruit snacks
    • Integrated the Salesforce API into the MusicMaster website, sending it web leads, contacts, cases, and newsletter subscriber information
    • (Cissonius) Created a sales lead tracker, which stores lead information and verifies that all sales executives have received the lead via e-mail
    • Redesigned the primary icons for MusicMaster 6.0
    • Integrated the MusicMaster site with YouTube to handle walkthrough, webinar, and featured videos
    • Created multiple desktop background images for the demonstration machines in the MusicMaster booth at the National Association of Broadcasters Show
    • (Atlas) Created a geocoding system that imports client addresses and uses Google's APIs to convert street addresses into globe coordinates for placement on an interactive map
    • (Athena) Created a certification testing system for the MusicMaster Scheduling software, which displays questions that must be answered in a fixed time-frame, giving users the option to occasionally pass on a question, add time to answer, and remove one wrong answer from a question; administrative features include managing test questions with the option to include images and shuffle the order of the multiple choice answers, the creation of custom categories and custom difficulties, and a comprehensive look at how questions are statistically being answered
    • (Odin) Created a back-end administrative framework that manages all of MusicMaster's web applications, selectively giving its users the ability to access the site's administrative options; built on PHP and JavaScript, the system is designed to allow developers to rapidly create administrative user interfaces, the centerpiece being a form creation class that handles intricate error-checking with minimal parameters
    • (Mercury) Created a newsletter management program that integrates into WordPress, turning postings into suitable HTML and text e-mails, sends previews to editors, gives subscribers and administrators easy-to-use subscription management options, processes returned mail, and removes and reports undeliverable e-mail addresses from the subscribers database
    • Created MusicMaster's moving title animation
    • Designed several different MusicMaster holiday logos which appear on the site around the time of the occasion
    • Designed several skins for MusicMaster Live Server, the technology behind the streaming radio stations on Blendella
    • Created branding packages, designed user interfaces and outlined the user experience, and developed frontend styling for Blendella, where users can listen to and vote on the music they want to hear next


    Active Depth

    I've been actively involved in the online media industry with my own business for over two decades, during which time I've tackled many diverse projects for a multitude of different clients.

    • Helped numerous individuals and businesses achieve a superior online presence
    • Designed Catenary, a robust, futuristic typeface consisting of six core fonts and three display fonts, containing over 800 glyphs each. The typeface contains Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters; small caps; world currencies; arrows; ornaments; lining numbers; old style numbers; subscripts; superscripts; fractions; and ligatures.
    • Administration of the Central Outpost, a community for online gaming groups, for over 15 years. The site receives tens of thousands of unique visitors monthly, hosting over 5,000 clan accounts and nearly 7,000 user accounts. I manage every aspect of the site from the graphic design, user experience, front-end development, back-end development (the entire site operates on a custom content-management system), copywriting, community relations, marketing, finances, and even technical support. Development and upkeep are entirely funded through donations from users.
    • Produced over 100 computer-generated images designed for desktop wallpapers, many in 5K and print-ready resolutions, available to use for free

    Front-End Web Developer

    Getty Images

    I was brought on for a six month contract to help a team of developers meet tough deadlines in the implementation of XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to present some of the company's web site projects in the designer's specifications.

    • Front-end development for redesign
    • Front-end development for MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and PGA photo portals

    Web Designer & Developer

    Raichert Media, Inc.

    I performed root-level maintenance on the company’s dedicated server, and I also assisted with web design and development for the company’s clients as needed.

      Minneapolis College of Art and Design

      Teaching Assistant

      As a teaching assistant for the Interactive Multi-Linear Narrative (game design) class, I provided technical direction and advice as the programming lead for two Flash-based computer game projects.


        Minneapolis College of Art and Design

        Bachelor of Fine Arts

        A passion for both art and computer technology lead me to study Interactive Media at MCAD. The program focused on interaction design, user interfaces, graphic design, typography, motion graphics, information architecture, development, and working with clients. Interested in how users interface with entertainment applications, I took courses on video game history and their design, helping teach the game design class for two years. I also supplemented my studies in courses on photography, film, sound, and even 3D modeling and animation, which has allowed me to add unique assets to my work.

        • Interactive Media
        • Web Design
        • Graphic Design
        • History of Graphic Design
        • Art History
        • Typography
        • Animation
        • Motion Graphics
        • 3D Modeling
        • 3D Animation
        • Photography
        • Film
        • Sound
        • Game Design
        • History of Video Games
        • Game Level Design
        • Short Story Writing
        • Novel Writing
        • Screenwriting


        Frontend Web Development

        • HTML
        • CSS
        • Sass
        • JavaScript
        • TypeScript
        • jQuery
        • Vue.js
        • cross-browser compatibility
        • mobile/responsive design
        • search engine optimization

        Backend Web Development

        • PHP
        • Node.js
        • Python
        • MySQL
        • REST
        • XML
        • JSON
        • Gulp
        • Git
        • Apache
        • API development
        • automation
        • cloud DevOps
        • infrastructure as code (IaC)
        • unit testing

        Web Design

        • Adobe Photoshop
        • Adobe Illustrator
        • Adobe After Effects
        • Graphic Design
        • Motion Graphics
        • Typography
        • User Interface (UI) Design
        • User Experience (UX) Design


        PC Gaming

        • FPSs
        • RPGs
        • RTSs


        • Digital
        • Design
        • Pen
        • Photography


        • Short Stories
        • Novels